What does my licence include?

Each license is specific to one business location. That means the license protects that establishment at that address for the entire term of the contract.

Can I open the stream on several machines?

You can open the stream from several machines at the address that you registered for using the same password so you can have a stream in each therapy area as long as it is the same physical address. We identify your business address by it’s IP address from your internet provider. Access from anywhere else will result in temporary suspension of the service until we resolve this.

A staff member who had access to our login has left, how do we prevent them from using our stream in a new establishment?

Sadly this sort of thing can happen. Once you are logged into the stream you will see a menu link to ‘My Account’ from there you can change your password easily. We advise that you do this often as with any other online service.

We have several establishments in different locations, how can we get Atmostreams in all of them?

We have several packages for multiple locations and they get cheaper the more establishments you have. If you have more than 5 places please email or call us and we can work out a deal that’s right for all of us.

I want to remove some tracks and reorder the playlist, how do I do that?

We suggest you live with default playlist for at least a couple of weeks, taking note of tracks you want to omit. If you want to reorder the playlist then there’s an online form within your members area which you can place a running order and submit to us. We will make your custom playlist free of charge within one business day. This is by nature a limited privilege, we’re happy to do this a couple of times per month.

Can I sign up for longer than a one year period?

Yes you can and significant discounts apply. Call or email or send us a message on our Facebook and we’ll get right back to you.

Do I receive an official document that I can show to music license authorities if they raid our premises?

Yes, immediately on signing up we generate an electronic certificate for download and if you wish we can send a physical license document via mail from us that you can keep on file or display in your premises.