What every venue using recorded music needs to know about rights.

Most countries have rights management organisations, they are all fairly standard, I will use Thailand as an example as this is the country we are most familiar with. However almost every other country has a similar setup.

The organisation for Thailand is called the MPC. This is their description of what they are from their website.

MPC Limited…is a music licensing company formed in 2003 to license and control of its communication to the public right for members of two organizations namely MCT and Phonorights”. MCT is the music copyright protection company and Phonorights handles broadcasting rights for their members.

Their members either directly or indirectly (via reciprocal agreements with similar companies around the world) include many but not all of the big music labels and publishing houses. But not all.

It’s likely you are still liable to fines even if you have an agreement and paying an organisation like MPC.

There are often multiple companies in each country (There are 32 different companies Thailand, there are 7 in Singapore) who legitimately represent some of the other labels and publishers, in theory any of these can turn up at a premises and demand money if they catch you playing music not covered by their agency. They all do a great job by the way, we are covered by them for personal projects and albums not created for Atmostreams specifically.

They are all private companies and not government agencies. Some choose to represent themselves as government departments, they aren’t.
All of them are optional organisations for rights holders who can choose to be represented by them for both copyright and broadcasting.
Importantly rights holders can also choose to not be represented by any of these companies and instead manage their own intellectual property for broadcast, performance and copyright.

There is no legal nor civil impediment to rights holders granting permission to venues by private contract and this is what Atmostreams have chosen to do. Singapore’s government department dealing with intellectual property IPOS are perhaps the clearest and most honest about the situation on their website:

“If you intend to use a work protected by copyright, such as music or other sound recordings, you will need to be authorised and may obtain licenses from either the copyright owners, or from CMOs administering the relevant rights governing your use of such works.”

The Atmostreams Solution

We are the only representative of our music and the broadcasting, performance and copyright. We assert our own version of protection from unauthorised use via our app or website which requires you to have a subscription to access for a defined period of time. Thus it is not necessary to engage any rights monitoring from any of the 32 companies.

We are legally entitled to do this and no challenge would be entertained by any court in any civil action.

The system operated by all the other agencies requires you to pay for access to their entire catalogue, a vast majority of which is irrelevant to your business. By choosing Atmostreams, you are paying the artist directly and only paying for what you will actually use.

ISRC Numbers

All Atmostreams music is registered with the ISRC (intellectual rights organisation). Each track has a unique identifier code and these are embedded into each track via the ID3 tagging system. There is also a physical document given to all venues detailing this for reference. This proves beyond any possible challenge that the music you are playing belongs to Atmostreams who have given you via contract permission to use it in the way you are using it.


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