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Atmostreams specialize in producing the highest quality original music for business and recreational areas of hotels, spas and resorts. In recent years we have worked with a number of award winning resorts. We compose, record original music designed to soothe the senses and enhancing the hospitality experience for your guests, which works together with your specialized treatments and provides a lasting memory of their stay at your hotel, spa/resort.

Enjoy the convenience of our fully personalized easy to use plug and play system and indulge your guests in a musical …and reliable music-streaming provider.

As we are the copyright owners and license holders of the music we provide a PPl license document and certificate for your property.

We produce many styles of music specifically designed to suit your facilities requirements and have these channels available you.

1: Reception Stylish Chill out

2: Spa/Holistic/Meditation/Aromatherapy/Indian Spa/Thai Spa/Massage/ Sleep Therapy/Tibetan Singing Bowls/Yoga

3: Gym

4: Poolside Bar

5: Asian Dining

5: Breakfast

6: Nature/Ocean

7: Yoga

8: Festive/Halloween

9;Thai Dining


11; Café

12; Roof Top Bar/Lounge

Keith Nolan

Keith Nolan’s music opens and deepens the senses.
With a textual and ethnic presence in his music through the use of traditional Asian instruments, modern keyboards and soundscapes are the magic ingredients, which blends these holistic musical creations together. Creating a space for meditation, relaxation and devotional practices helping the listener connect and reach higher levels of consciousness bridging the gap between the busy world we live in and a world of tranquility.

Irish born classically trained pianist and New Age artist Keith Nolan has been active in the music industry for more than thirty years. In a quest to see the world and experience new things his travels took him to Australia where he spent a decade in Australia, from where he joined the legendary Yothu Yindi band on its hugely successful world tour that included an appearance at Glastonbury Festival and also toured with Zakiya Hooker daughter of legendary blues artist John Lee Hooker and Steven Seagal.

Now based in Asia and inspired by the ancient ways and teachings Keith is always trying to bring fresh and institutive music to the listener and is rewarded greatly in knowing his music has accompanied somebody along their chosen path to enlightenment in life.

Over the years Keith has composed several designer New Age, relaxation spa albums for 5 star award winning resorts and spa’s through out Asia.

Some of the hotels that currently use Keith’s music are:

Shangri-La , Fullerton , Evason, Pullman ,Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Centara and Movenpic

This collection was founded on my own frustration with music that was a distraction from the spa experience I love.

Kumiko Sakurai

Director Of Sales

Kumiko Sakurai
With many years experience in the hospitality,recruitment and the customer service industry.
Kumiko has successfully combined the very things she loves the most to achieve a fulfilling life and meaningful career.
Through her professional experience in sales & marketing,connecting on a professional and human level with people bringing together value and quality services and products that she believes in, to benefit both business and customer in the world of spa and wellness.

This collection was founded on my own frustration with music that was a distraction from the spa experience I love.

Trev Fisher

Trevor is a web designer and developer who is also a musician. Bringing Spastreams to you is a real joy because he got to combine his web skills to a subject he is equally passionate about.
“Marrying my two passions, music and design and working with a great musician doesn’t get any better” said Trev. ‘Knowing that along with the therapists our music will be out in the world helping people de-stress and unwind is a double bonus ‘ he added.

He’s also committed to making the system improve in response to user experience and said “I love getting feedback from people using the system, it keeps it alive and moving forward, even if they are not customers and just playing with the free stuff on the site, every comment is like gold dust to a developer so take it for a test run and let me know’.

To test the music click here for limited playlists just to give you a feel for what you will get in the full package.